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Text Post Fri, Oct. 14, 2011 29 notes

so, um. 48 hour play. Starting tonight, I’ll be writing for roughly 14 hours.


I’m only doing the writing leg of the journey and the plots / synopses won’t be given out until I get there later this evening, so I have to riff off of those concepts.

I’ve never actually written a play before, though.

We’re working on 6 to 8 fifteen minute plays from 7:30 pm tonight to 9 am tomorrow.

I am doing it and 1 other person I know is doing it. I hope to god that some other people are also edging in, since I have little to no experience and will need some writerly advice. It’s with the rival drama society from mine at my university, so I don’t know many of the other writer types. I HOPE THERE ARE MORE PEOPLE THERE, AAAA.

I’ve done screenplays and I’ve written about 130 pages, roughly, in the space of about 7 months or so (from last November to April), but I’m just trying to sort out how different it is and figure out what the fuck to do.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, this is going to kill me

but I am so fucking excited.

After 9 am, I get to hand it off to the directors and the actors and they perform it on Sunday / Monday. It’s out of my hands and no longer my baby.

Dunno how I’ll handle the separation anxiety, guys!

Any advice? Thoughts? Random mashings of your nose on the keyboard? Suggestions for ways to keep myself awake? Anything?

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